Therapeutic Immunotargeting of B Cell Tumours

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Everyday, our body produces millions of new B cells which leave the bone marrow, circulate in the blood, lymphoid organs and mucosae where they normally die, unless they rearrange their DNA to successfully produce antibodies recognizing foreign antigens. Rarely enough, the rearrangement goes wrong and produces B cells with cytogenetic aberrations impairing their capacity to die. When stimulated, such long-lived premalignant B cells eventually proliferate and accumulate new mutations, progressively leading to overt Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma (NHL). Patients diagnosed with regional, low grade NHL receive radiotherapy whereas those with advanced stage NHL are rather treated with immuno-chemotherapies combining broadly active anti-proliferative drugs and targeted anti-CD20 antibodies. Despite good response to these treatments, further therapeutic improvements for NHL are still required as many patients ultimately relapse at later times.

This is why our research team is dedicated to find the immunological mechanisms underlying the therapeutic destruction of lymphoma cells, the precise modes of action of current therapeutic antibodies and how the microenvironment of lymphomas promotes therapeutic failures and relapses.

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